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Hemp Fiber Flyer

Classic Ultimate Frisbee design injection molded and Brass Stamped with your design.

Materials are 25% Hemp Fiber. You can see the fibers in the Frisbee. Looks, feels and flys just like your favorite Frisbee!

Chose from Mahogany, Beige or Green.

Hemp Disc Golf Flyer

Disc Golf Disc in Driver, Mid-Range, or Putter design injection molded and Brass Stamped with your design.

Materials are 5% Hemp Fiber. 

Various Colors and Foils Available.

Hemp Backpack

Pushaoo Izna Backpack

Keep your flying discs, tablet or laptop safe and secure in the “Izna.” Featuring a pocket designated for your discs or laptop and smaller padded pockets for your chargers or portable camera. Sustainably made from Himalayan hemp by artisan women in Kathmandu, Nepal, our ethically made backpacks are great for you and the environment. The lightweight fabric and adjustable straps allow for maximum comfort, providing full functionality combined with a one-of-a-kind design.

Perfectly imperfect: Due to the handmade nature of our backpacks, no two backpacks are perfectly alike. Minor imperfections may be found.



Recoil Cooler

Hemp Plastic Cooler

Recoil Cooler does not discriminate. Recoil is the FIRST cooler to Auto-Adjust and secure your favorite canned and glass bottled beverages; No need to add parts, remove parts, swap parts, or reach for an alternate cooler.

  • 12oz can

  • 16oz can (tall boy)

  • 12oz glass bottles (many variations)

  • 12oz skinny cans

Quarter-turn, food grade, impact resistant lid; BPA FREE

Recoil finger grips are awesome; lefty and righty approved

Made with Hemp Plastic; 25% Hemp Fiber; Made in the USA

Customize with your logo on your choice of Green, Blue or Magenta cooler.



iHemp MFG Recoil Cooler