Hempwood Putter


Customize Your Putter!

See details of full customization in full description below.

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Another world first, exclusive to iHemp Manufacturing!

First round production. First of its kind in history. We are happy to announce the release of this brand new product which is a collaboration with Hempwood (r) USA  and iHemp Manufacturing in order to demonstrate a marinade of possibilities with this alternative manufacturing feedstock.

This product is hand crafted from exquisite materials and finished by a master craftsman in Southern California.

Purchase price is $499 plus any surcharge customizations, and shipping.

Customize your putter:

  • Exotic Wood Inlay: Maple, White Oak, Mahogany, CA Black Walnut (surcharge), Ebony (surcharge), Zebra Wood (surcharge), Rainbow Wood (surcharge)
  • Inlay Color: Choose from a wide variety of colors
  • Grip: Standard or Oversize (surcharge)
  • Custom Engrave: Top center or full bottom (up to 25 words)