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Another world first, exclusive to iHemp Manufacturing!

First round production. First of its kind in history. We are happy to announce the release of this brand new product which is a collaboration with Hempwood (r) USA  and iHemp Manufacturing in order to demonstrate a variety of possibilities with this alternative manufacturing feedstock.

This product is hand crafted from exquisite materials and finished by a master craftsman in Southern California.

We are offering this limited release of the first 100 units and accepting pre-sales through 10/31/21.

The Hemp Plastic Company

“The introduction, and consistent growth of hemp within our region has created a variety of interconnected and interdependent opportunities to align the agricultural, manufacturing, and the academic disciplines. The “self- contained” supply chain is evolving from often disconnected industries and geographical regions into a tightly grouped circular supply chain covering seed to endless purposes including plastics, composite woods, hempcrete, and many other valuable products that utilize all facets of the hemp plant. Michigan and the I-Hemp Association are focusing on ways to accelerate that evolution, and we are pleased to be aligned with that mission.”

Greg Dean, COO

Viridis Labs

“Viridis Laboratories is proud to be helping lead the charge towards the use of industrial hemp fiber as an alternative to traditional plastic. It just makes sense to use an eco-friendly material like hemp fiber that contributes to the overall health of our planet as a renewable, biodegradable and sustainable resource.”

Gregory Michaud, CEO

HOH Hempnotize

“Hemp offers real solutions for people and the planet. We are proud to take part in iHemp Manufacturing’s program.

The hemp Frisbee will be a great demonstration of what hemp fiber can do to displace plastic. Besides, who doesn’t love a Frisbee?”

Lori Putt, CEO


“Hemp is paving the way towards a more sustainable future. Through collaboration and joint effort, we will succeed in furthering our impact. It’s an absolute pleasure to be working with iHemp Manufacturing and other companies to push forward this aligned vision.”

Helena Donoso, CEO

iHemp Michigan

“Hemp is playing an important role in creating a sustainable future. iHemp Manufacturing is demonstrating the use of hemp to offset plastic in a useful and creative way!

We support the efforts of iHemp Manufacturing as they build out this circular economy!”

Dave Crabill, President

Craft Hemp Company

“Craft Hemp Company is proud to partner with iHemp Manufacturing.  As being a retail store that specializes in all things hemp, it was important to us to not just focus on CBD products.  Our 2021 goal was to find companies that are expanding the use of the hemp plant, other than just CBD. Connecting with iHemp Manufacturing is the start of a business partnership and introduction of the possibilities of what we can do with the hemp plant.  Not only is the end product environmentally conscious but we also provide outlets for the American Hemp Farmer.”
Steve Scott, CEO

Down On The Farm

“Industrial Hemp will be a big part of everyone’s life as we move forward.  I am amazed everyday as I find out what this plant can do for the planet and individuals.  Now that industry and manufacturing can start working with the material it will be fun to see the many uses that will be developed.”

Blain Becktold, CEO

Hemp Banks Here

“How can a full-service payments and banking partner help improve financial security and give you access to a better overall product as a hemp business?  Learn more from our partners at West Town Bank & Trust.”

– Melissa “The Maverick” Marsal, EVP/Chief Operating Officers.

Great Lakes Hemp Supplements

“The amount of fresh water mixed with deforestation amplified by the mandate to remediate brownfield property makes the U.P. an ideal location to develop the future of Hemp in Michigan. Powered by Nature & tested by Invent@NMU meeting Academic R&D, the Opporunity Zone demonstrates the forward thinking needed in order to create industrial scale progress. Having an abundance of infrastructure for Paper & Pulping, Textiles and more which includes access to rail & shipping sets this block of land apart from most.”

GLHS | Michael E. Thue, CEO

Earth Merchant

“Right now, we are focusing on our eco-footprint in each locale we want to do business.  I hope to provide a leadership team for the hemp community.  We need transparency, integrity, knowledge, and an understanding of how supply chains are established.  Sharing resources makes a huge impact on the local communities and that is part of our plan.  If we can make an impact on the rural community and the urban community then I call that a success.”

Gina Engel, CEO

Made In Michigan

Classic Ultimate Fiber Flyer

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Disc Golf Fiber Flyer

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A Hemp backpack is the perfect way to carry your Hemp Fiber Flyers around!

Viridis Labs is an Early Adopter who supports our mission.

Grab your own Viridis Fiber Flyer!

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Viridis Fiber Flyer
HOH Frisbee

HOHJ is an Early Adopter who supports our mission.

Grab your own HOH Fiber Flyer!

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Flying Disc Private Label Program

Q3 2021

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